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Wedding Details- Aisles

Let's talk about details. Specifically, your wedding aisle.

Sometimes the simplest details can make the greatest impact. If you're planning on DIY'ing think about the different areas you're planning on having your guests experience. Where will their eye's wonder? Where do you want them to go? Think about making vignette's. Sometimes asking your planner, floral designer, or rental company if they can help with those details will make your life so much easier. Let them know what kind of experience you would like your guests to have and what kind of budget you have to work with. Remember, we do these things almost every weekend, let us help you because that is what we love to do. :)




Most of the aisles I make tend to be more natural and organic. This is a great way to achieve a simple beautiful detail without necessarily breaking the bank. If you do have the budget, adding pillar candles with antique brass candles holders makes a great addition to the aisle. Even if you're afraid of lighting them, they can remain unlit and still give you and detailed photos such a great look.



This is a close up of my wedding aisle. I got married on grass but I still wanted to have some type of "aisle" for me to walk down. I decided to go with a scattered rose petal effect to lead me to my handsome husband. :)

For this particular bride, we used glass hurricane vases with white and lavender petals along each side of the aisle. This gives you a more classic and refined wedding look.



Here you can see a few different looks using flowers along the aisle chairs.

Clusters of flowers with strands of pearls as an added detail.

Galvanized buckets with a cluster of baby's breath line the church pews.

Blush and white flowers inside a hobnail jar.

Cluster of orange roses and tulips tied together with ribbon.}


New Trends

Here are a few ideas I keep seeing pop up online which I just love. Remember you can find an image that is calling to you and change it to fit you and your look/style.

Featured Photography: Leo Patrone | Featured Floral Design: Sarah Winward

Lining your aisle to look like flowers were planted especially there for your wedding makes such a beautiful look. It'll take a good budget to achieve this but definitely worth every penny.

Featured Photography: Jose Villa| Featured Floral Design: Sarah Winward

This classic elegant look is for your minimal weddings. Simple candles with hints of greens to frame each cluster of candles is a great alternative. If your venue doesn't allow open flames, you can easily achieve this same look by placing the candles inside varying height glass cylinder vases.

Image From: Jimena Roquero

This screams SoCal wedding to me. It's the tighter refined look that most of my socal or destination wedding clients ask me for. My favorite detail are how the flowers go all the way up the rotounda at a much wider position than the aisle flowers down below. It gives the whole look more dimension and makes your photos look like this! :)

We hoped this helped guide some of you in the right direction as far as knowing if this is in fact an important feature in your wedding that maybe you didn't know about. Or maybe you now have a more concrete idea of what you're looking for.

As always, have an amazing Friday!

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