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Flower accounts are available for your recurring needs. This is perfect if you're looking to always have fresh flowers around your home, business, or office space. 

Flowers can add a level of sophistication to any COMMERCIAL SPACE. We know how important it is as a company to put your best foot forward, which is why we offer ongoing WEEKLY FRESH FLOWERS or MONTHLY PLANT AND ORCHID DISPLAYS.  We can also provide florals for your entire buildings and hotels. Let us know what you're looking for; we'd be thrilled to help!

  • Hotels

  • Stores

  • Restaurants

  • Boutiques

  • Spas

  • Lobby

  • Reception Desks

  • Personal Offices

  • Leasing Offices

Piaget roses for our Piaget clients
Piaget roses for our Piaget clients

FLOWERS FOR THE HOME are a great treat. Flowers not only look great in any interior space but they also provide numerous benefits. Studies have shown that having flowers in your home increases mood, reduces depression and anxiety, and heightens energy levels.

Many options are available and we can add flowers to any and as many public and private areas in your home as you'd like.

There is a $100 minimum per week with a one month commitment. Orchid plants are also an option, starting at $100 per month with a one month commitment. Click the link below to get started.


Contact Us

Fill out our form and we'll contact you soon after to talk about your floral needs, style, and budget. We'll even schedule a time to visit so we can see the space in person and design your flowers with your interior space in mind.

Design and Proposal

We come up with beautiful floral design concepts for your approval.

*Popular designs start at $100 per week for mixed flower arrangements and $100 per month for orchid plants.


After approval, we'll schedule a recurring date (either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) for your flower deliveries.


The Blooming Bud will hand deliver your flowers for you to enjoy on your scheduled dates.



We're not sure what we are looking for. Can you help?

Yes. Cynthia can always walk the space with you to determine what might look good.



We have a visual team who has come up with our floral arrangements, is that ok?

Of Course. We understand there is a brand that corporate wants the world to see. We've worked with a lot of companies who have a specific look and flower budget that they must meet per month. Let us know what those are and we'll do our best to accomodate your needs.



Our orchid plants still look good after a month. Can we keep them longer?

Unfortunately, no. You or your staff is more than welcome to keep the orchid plant(s). We have found that after one month, most orchids start to rapidly die. In a way to keep both our business' at a certain caliber, we have found it best to keep our accounts on a specific schedule.



We're looking to have flowers for the entire holiday season. Is it ok if we only use your services for a short period of time?

Yes. Sometimes the holidays are the time to splurge! We'd be happy to help you for a month or so. We'll even remind you to place your order when the next season comes around.

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