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Red and Blush Wedding Inspiration

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I've been thinking of some pretty wedding ideas for those getting married on or around Valentine's day. As I started pulling images and gathering ideas, I realized that a red and blush color scheme would look great any time of year.

Personal Flowers

The bridal bouquets can have a mix of blush, white and hints of red flowers.

Bouquet Inspiration: Tanarah Luxe Floral

The boutonnieres can all be similar but slightly different for a more interesting look.


Cake and Cocktail Tables

For the cake, I envision a sweet topper made up of blush garden roses and deep red ranunculus just like the photo above. To break up the look, I like the idea of keeping the cocktail tables very minimal, a blush colored tablecloth with a greenery garland to tie the drape back would look amazing.

Cake Inspiration: Hello Darling

Cocktail Table Inspiration: Southern Posies


Ceremony Design

The Dream: This could either be constructed as a chuppah or arch in my mind. I love how this arch has a very heavy drape at the bottom and beautiful lush vines crawling up each post over the drapery.

Arch Inspiration: Celsia Floral

Cost Effective Design Option: I envision the arch fairly simplistic as well. I love the idea here of tying back the fabric with a floral garland.

Arch Inspiration: Jaclyn Journey


Reception Design

I found a few different floral designs that I loved with the look I was going for.

The above photos can be arranged in so many different ways. It all depends on what shape your tables will be and how you're planning on setting them up. In this instance, lets envision round tables having the centerpiece on the left and rectangular tables to have 2-3 sets of the centerpieces on the right. I love how these are both almost opposites of each other. One has a hint of lush and consists of mainly red and the other consists of mainly blush with hints of bold deep reds. It really ties the whole look together well.

Top Left Centerpiece Inspiration: Spruce Floral

Top Right Centerpiece Inspiration: Found on Exclusively Weddings

We can still play off of some of these other centerpieces that I found and loved. What if instead of having a mix of centerpieces (like the image on your top left) we have the same type of mix as a backdrop for your escort cards or your guest book table? Maybe it's the front of your sweetheart table?

The image on your top right can be something you put at the bar or maybe that guest book table you haven't decorated yet?

Top Left Centerpiece Inspiration: Unsure. Help us out and contact us if you made this or if you know who did. We love to give credit where credit is due.

Top Right Centerpiece Inspiration: R. Love Floral

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